Alberto Churros

Alberto's Churros are well-known for their exceptional freshness and authentic, long-standing family recipe.

And Alberto's Churros are always fresh -- they are not made from a batch of mixed ingredients - instead, they are made by careful measuring of each ingredient by hand. We only put the highest quality into our unique, carefully prepared recipe.

The result is a big success in crunchiness and taste. Alberto's Churros are light and satisfying -- it's hard to have just one!

They do not contain eggs or milk. Alberto's Churros separate themselves from the rest - one taste and you'll agree!

This site offers you a chance to learn why Alberto's Churros are fast becoming the top churro choice of restaurants across the United States.

  • Give yourself the pleasure of enjoying Alberto's Churros filled.
  •  If the plain churros are good, then the filled churros are even better.
  • Working hard in order to keep the same  great crunchy  flavor outside,  We bring you the Filled Churros.
  • Filled with Bavarian Cream, Caramel (Dulce de Leche o Cajeta) and Strawberry.
  • One bite of any of these new  churros and they will become your favorite dessert.
  • Remember  to ask always for Alberto's Churros.
  • If you have a restaurant or if you are interested on distribution of our product, do not hesitate to contact us. Our product is guaranty of quality and great sales.


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